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A sneak Preview at the Brand New Sabre 66!

When Sabre first began building 28 foot sailboats in 1970, there were very few large, owner operated motor yachts in use.  Over the past forty+ years the fleet of large, private vessels has grown dramatically with new operating systems allowing owner operators to be the masters of their own yachts.  Sabre followers have watched as the size of the yachts we offer has shifted with the times.

To date our largest motor yacht offering has been the Sabre 54 Salon Express and Fly Bridge, the first of which will debut at the 2014 Miami Yacht and Brokerage show. But owners of these designs have asked us to make the next step and we are proud to announce the design of the Sabre 66 which will make its debut in mid-2015.

Sabre 66 concept rendering3a_KB copy

This very exciting project, built in our Rockland facilities, is designed by our in-house team led by Kevin Burns.  Kevin has been busy with this project for some time, developing hull shapes, deck styling and of course, mechanical and interior layouts. The 66 will be equipped with Volvo Penta IPS1200 pod drives and will cruise in the mid 20 knot range. Her displacement will be 80,000lbs and her interior will feature a full beam master stateroom below her helm deck. Social connectivity of the cockpit and interior spaces is the key to this open and airy layout.

As the Sabre 66 moves from CAD drawings to reality we will offer regular updates on the Sabre blog. Stay tuned.


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Wasabi Green with Envy

Sabre 48, Back Cove 37Recreational boating has evolved in the last few generations.  In my parents era it was the “men against the sea” generation.  My mother pretended to enjoy boating but we all knew she was more comfortable with both feet firmly planted on shore. On the surface she put on her game face and somehow managed to survive our annual summer cruises along the foggy coast of Maine in our early 1960’s 29′ wooden Pacemaker.  She was a saint to put up with all of us, my father, two sisters, a brother, and Crystal our Dalmatian.  

Times and attitudes have changed for the better.  Couples’ who are deciding if boating is a lifestyle they are committed to, are now doing so as partners.  Are they looking for a canoe to quietly paddle around small pond and enjoy the sun sets in the western sky?  Are they competitive sailors immersed into the sport of one design racing?  Maybe they enjoy picnics with the children and grandchildren on a Saturday afternoon in a power boat which is comfortable enough to be cruised after the grand kids are safely buckled into their car seats and heading back home. 

Whatever the decision,  today more couples are making them together, as a team. 

Sabre and Back Cove have been lucky to have found such a team in Becky and Bob Preston. We were introduced to them when they fell in love with the Back Cove 33 and Petzold’s Yacht Sales in Portland, CT.  Shortly thereafter, they teamed up once again with Back Cove and commissioned a Back Cove 37.  Both boats are very distinctive.  If by chance you find a Wasabi Green Back Cove 33 or a 37 running along the east coast you have found one of the Preston’s formerly loved boats.  Becky and Bob commissioned their first Sabre late this summer.  FAMILY TIES III, is a Sabre 48 (hull #038) and she is ….Wasabi Green.  This fall they are heading to the Sunshine state for the winter and plan to spend most of their time on board.

Becky Preston

Bob and Sabre are very fortunate to have Becky Preston in our lives. For Bob, she is relatively new to boating compared to him and she is passionate about it. She plays an active role in all aspects of the boat and their cruising.  Her belief is that “it is important for the mate to know how to handle the boat”.  I didn’t dare ask who the captain is and who the mate is, but I believe it is safe to assume they share those roles.  For Sabre, we are fortunate to have Becky as part of the family.  She commented, “All along the Sabre 48 was my favorite boat and I helped push Bob along to reach that same conclusion”.  Now that is a solid partnership that works for the Prestons’ and Sabre!

Most of the time while running Becky and Bob support one another to ensure safe passage and enjoying their time on board.  You will find them sitting next to each other with one of them at the helm while the other is navigating.  In bad weather Becky typically finds herself as the helms person and Bob is the navigator.

Whenever possible the Prestons’ will anchor while cruising.  Becky is as comfortable at anchor as she is in a slip.  She loves ducking into Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island, in Maine, for its unique peaceful nights where the stars are bright in the sky above to anchoring in the Bahamas where the water is so clear that you can spend hours looking over the rail at the star fish below. 

The Sabre 48, her “favorite boat”, has creature comforts that help her therapeutically in a sense. She has her sanctuary, in of all places, the crew quarters. As Becky says, “that’s my part of the boat”.  Other Sabre 48 owners have made similar comments about the crew quarters. It is a unique space that is fun to show off at boat shows.  For Becky she has customized the space for her sewing machine and equipment.  They also have the washer and drier and a television in there as well. 

The Prestons’ have two grown children, no grandchildren yet, but their daughter and her husband have a foster child.  Her name is Hannah.  While on a weekend cruise to Nantucket earlier this fall, Hannah proudly proclaimed the crew quarters as “her room”. 

Recreational boating has changed in so many ways in such a short period of time.  The days with the attitude of “men against the sea” are giving way to couples, families, and friends actually getting pleasure from pleasure boating.  Advances in on board systems have made boating safer.  Couples such as Becky and Bob Preston work together to learn these systems that are changing the way we boat.  Thank you Becky for having faith in the Sabre family and being passionate about a lifestyle you and Bob share.  

You can follow Becky and Bob’s adventures by visiting



Contributed by Tucker Thompson, Customer Relations Representative

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Production updates on the Sabre 54

Hull # 1 of the Sabre 54 is humming along! Here are a few images of the progress. We can’t wait until she’s unveiled at the Miami Boat Show in February, 2014.

Savbre54 Cut_away.rendering

The Sabre associates have installed the teak toe rails on the Sabre 54 deck. Next up is the installation of the windshield, main salon windows, port lights and hatches.  


The engines are installed. The mechanical team is working on overdrive! The Sabre 54 is powered with a Volvo Penta IPS 950 Engine and Drive System.


Storage, storage storage! This beautiful stateroom has ample storage — a cedar closet, cabinets next to the berth and plenty of shelving.

2013-10-01 08.08.36

Did someone say storage? Below is an image of the master stateroom with a complete wall of drawers. 

2013-10-01 08.09.31 

To give you an idea of the final product, our design team created a fantastic rendering of the master stateroom. We can’t wait to see it in person.


Want to see more images of the Sabre 54? Please visit the Sabre Yachts Facebook page.

To learn more about the Sabre 54 or view renderings of the updated design, please visit the Sabre Yachts Website.

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The Sabre 42: The popularity continues

Sabre 42 Salon Express running in Oxford, MD.Since it was introduced to the market in 2009, The Sabre 42 Salon Express has been a hugely popular model. Why? It is quieter, more fuel efficient and more maneuverable than other motoryachts in its class.

The Sabre 42 allows you to enjoy the same levels of personal luxury and comfort that exist in your homes and automobiles such as stainless steel appliances in the galley, air conditioning, elegantly finished woodwork and plush seating throughout the cockpit, main salon and in the staterooms.

Interiors onboard Sabre 42 Salon Express in Oxford, MD.Last month we celebrated the 75th hull being built (Sabre has orders to build through hull #90). Hull # 75 was delivered to Yacht Registry in late August and we asked owner, Mark Reder what it is about the Sabre 42 Salon Express that makes it so popular.

Interiors onboard Sabre 42 Salon Express in Oxford, MD.Mark said, “Since last fall we have had the pleasure of building and delivering four Sabre 42 Salon Express to our Florida West Coast customers. While we love selling all the Sabre and Back Cove product, the 42SE model had been a major part of our new boat sales for years. The Sabre 42 is just a perfect fit for our owners cruising needs here in Florida.”

Below is a short video on Instagram of the Sabre 42 Production Line (to play the video, click on the arrow in the middle of the image below).

Stop by the blog next week for updates on the Sabre 54 Production. You can also sign up for regular blog updates and receive the blog directly in your email inbox! 


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Sabre 54 Development Continues

The Sabre 54 Salon Express was re-designed this year with one major priority — to create an open, airy feel throughout the main salon and cockpit. This was achieved by having only one small step between the cockpit and main salon as well as having double acting stainless steel companionway doors and unobstructed views throughout the main salon.

sabre.54_Salon renderingSo far we’ve gotten great feedback on all the unique design features but before we can “oooohhh” and “aaahhh” over the finished product (the beautiful wood joinery or top-of-the-line windows, doors and more), the hull had to be built and the engines installed. Plus a million more details! Join us as we follow the build process of this exciting new design.


Hull # 1 sitting pretty in Building 3

As with all Sabre Motoryachts, we have strict sound level and performance criteria starting in the hull. We have resin infused PVC foam core for light weight, strength and noise dampening characteristics. In addition, we utilize honeycomb coring, an effective material for sound deadening for all deck structures’, bulkheads and cabin soles. All machinery such as water pumps, compressors and generators are mounted on carefully selected isolation dampeners to further reduce structure born vibration.

S54_hull.interiorAbove is an image of the engine room coming together. The 700 gallon fuel tank has been installed along with battery systems and air conditioning compressors. In the middle of the image is one of the Volvo Penta engines ready to be installed. Next up, the mechanical and electrical teams will get all the top-of-the-line systems and equipment hooked up.

S54_hull_2Above is an image of the molded rings for the IPS 2 pod drives. Note the extremely heavy fiberglass reinforcements around their perimeter.

The Sabre 54 will be one of the first production boats to be fitted with the NEW Volvo IPS 950 propulsion system. We expect a cruise speed in the high 20’s and a top end speed over 30 knots.

Stop by the blog again next week for more updates. You can also sign up for regular blog updates and receive the blog directly in your email inbox! 

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What color hull is your Sabre?

If you had your pick, what color would your Sabre be?


A Sabre 48 Salon Express, “Family Ties” in Wasabi Green (a custom color created by the owner).

Did you know that if you were to buy a Sabre Yacht, you could paint your hull any color you choose? Well, technically it’s gel coat but either way…. your brand new hull could be pink if you wanted it to be!  My personal favorite is Claret (a beautiful deep red).


A beautiful Sabre 48 Salon Express in Claret



Claret is such a beautiful red color.

Here at Sabre, we consider ourselves semi custom boat builders. When you buy a boat through Sabre Yachts, you work with your broker and Lynn Beaudoin, Sabre’s National Sales Manager, to personalize your boat — to make it your own. “I have found the happiest boat owners are the ones where we’ve built the boat suited for their individual cruising needs”

Lynn says, “Each boat owner is different. Some want to cruise off shore for weeks at a time — those customers need multiple refrigerators to store their food in. Some want a custom wine storage area so they can collect wine from various ports they visit. Each owner is different!

Speaking of different. How about this for individuality? Now that’s a unique paint job! This Sabre owner ordered Sabre white gel coat and had this fancy decal added to the hull. 

BB071 decal

To learn more about Sabre Yachts and their semi-custom approach to boat building, please contact a dealer near you or contact the Sales Department at Sabre Yachts. We’d love to hear from you!



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Top Five Highlights of the Sabre 38 Salon Express

The Sabre 38 Salon Express, the latest member of the Sabre family, is everything you’re looking for. She’s built in the Maine tradition; beautiful, strong, reliable and seaworthy. Here are the top five highlights! 

#5 – Fuel Economy & Performance style

Sabre 38 in Portland MaineThe Sabre 38 hull, the latest thinking in seagoing vee-hulled motor yachts, is specifically designed for the installation of pods lines which offer increased fuel economy. The Sabre 38 rides comfortably at 25 knots with 22.5 GPH (Gallons per hour). 

#4 — Main Salon 

Sabre 38 in Portland MaineThe main salon of the 38 is ideal for either large gatherings or a nice family dinner. The spacious salon feels open and airy with large opening side windows and a bi-fold door. The flexibility of the seating allows for a generous mate’s lounge underway, or a full U-shaped settee for relaxing, entertaining, or dining.

#3 – Expandable Cockpit

Sabre 38 in Portland Maine

 The sliding seat allows for great seating flexibility and maximizes the use of this wonderful open air space. It’s important to note that the seat arrangement doesn’t come at a cost of swim platform area, and the sliding feature can be used even with a tender stowed on the swim platform.  Another ‘jewel’ here is the stainless steel door system which serves to join the cockpit space with the Salon seamlessly.

# 2 — Drivability


Excellent site lines are a result of a careful study of helm ergonomics along with the careful design of the hull surfaces; the responsiveness to the helm is exceptional at every speed.  Standing at the helm with wide open speeds above 30kts with a smooth, confident ride and sport boat like handling will put a smile on the face of any skipper.

#1 – Visibly blended spaces 

Sabre 38 in Portland Maine

The interior sight lines are so open, that it’s possible to see from the swim platform all the way to the pillows atop the queen sized master berth up forward.  The interior has spectacular flow owing to the deliberate blending of the social spaces.  What does that mean? It means that all the social areas on the boat are open to each other and that light and air can flow through the interior as easily as your conversations will.   One reviewer compared this to having great Feng-Shui. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

To learn more about the Sabre 38 Salon Express, please visit the Sabre Yachts website.

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Blogging about my adventures aboard my Sabre Yacht


David enjoying the cruising life!

Sabre owners around the world are writing blogs so their family and friends can follow their travels. They have boats of various size and age but one thing is for sure – these owners are having a blast!


Sabre 38 Moondance

Perhaps you might be asking, what the heck is a BLOG? The word “blog” comes from “word log”. A blog is a website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information on a regular basis.



One blog we enjoy reading is David and Catherine Allin’s. They own a Sabre 402 and travel from the US to the Bahamas on their beautiful boat. To visit their BLOG, click here.

Another excellent Blog is written by Sabre owner Harriet who owns a Sabre 38 MII named Moondance. She writes, “We cruised down the Intracoastal waterway from Annapolis to spend the winter in the Bahamas 3 times. We also cruised to Maine last summer.  Interested in reading Moondance’s BLOG? Click here.

Bob Preston, new owner of a Sabre 48 Salon Express writes a very inspiring blog called “Optimism Can Take You Anywhere”.  Hopefully he’ll post photos of his new Sabre 48 when he gets it later this month!

Are you a Sabre owner with a BLOG? Send us the link – we’d love to follow you!


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Happy Father’s Day to my Sabre boat parent!

tucker_boat.parentA long standing tradition at Sabre is the “boat parent”. This significant role comes from the pride we take in each and every one of our boats. 

Last week Tucker Thompson, a thirteen year veteran in our Customer Service Department, received a lovely “Father’s Day” card from a new Sabre owner thanking him for being such a great boat parent!

They wrote, “Island Runner has been a delight to operate – thanks for watching over her”.

What exactly is a boat parent? When a boat is sold, that boat is assigned a boat parent; their main role is to check in on the boat periodically throughout the build process to make sure everything is going well.

boatparentIn addition to the Sabre Quality Control Inspection, the Boat Parent is another set of eyes. As the boat parent completes a final inspection; the goal is to see the boat “through the eyes of the new owner” to ensure their satisfaction.

Clearly, Tucker was tickled pink to receive such a thoughtful card. What a sweet gesture!


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The advent of POD Drives

Sabre 48 - from aboveThe advent of pod drives for recreational motor yachts has taken place over a relatively short period in time. Sabre offers six models in the current motor yacht range and all models are available with pod drives; in fact only two of the six, the Sabre 54 Salon Express and Fly Bridge, can be offered with straight shafts. Our transition from shaft driven to pod driven models is almost complete. For those who are still not convinced here’s an explanation of the benefits.

Commercial vessels such as tugs and cruise ships have been using pods for some time. For the tug boat operator, the ability to direct thrust in any direction as required, is a huge benefit. Pods are far more efficient than conventional drives when operating in close quarters. For the cruise ship operator there are several benefits including not requiring tugs to get on and off a dock. A cruise ship can also hover on a specific location while guests disembark to go ashore for lunch or to enjoy a sandy beach. No anchor required.
And so just as grand prix race car technology finds it’s way down to the cars we drive and super yacht technologies come to every man’s motor yacht , so too have pods come from commercial to recreational use. I am often asked which benefit I find most appealing from the consumers perspective and I would rank the benefits as follows. 
  1. The joystick provides amazing close quarters handling and docking in marinas where current and wind make boat handing a worrisome event in an otherwise calm and peaceful day. 
  2. Vibration and sound levels are dramatically reduced because exhaust gasses are expelled through the foot of the pod. Typical sound levels are about 10Db lower than a comparable shaft driven model.  
  3. Because the propellers are pushing in the same axis that the boat is moving, they are much more efficient and so fuel costs are considerably lower. This efficiency gain can vary from model to model and in most cases we have no direct comparison because our boats only come with pods. It is fair to say that we have seen gains from 10 to 30% depending on the model. With fuel prices where they are today that’s a nice savings. S38.helm
  4. Last but not least, the station hold feature is huge. Volvo’s name for this feature is DPS or Digital Positioning System and Cummins~Zeus calls theirs Skyhook. Both systems hold the compass heading and the latitude and longitude of the vessel within a few feet, regardless of wind and current. They also include a built in autopilot. Imagine waiting for a fuel dock or a bridge or even picking up a mooring ball. So simple with a station hold feature.

Sabre installs the Volvo IPS in the Sabre 38 and Sabre 54 foot models and Cummins~Zeus in the Sabre 42 and Sabre 48. In the next few years other engine builders will come to market with their own pods. Caterpillar and Yanmar have both installed test systems. Pods are here to stay as are the benefits to the consumer. 

Should you want to know more about these systems, contact Sabre Yachts; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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